Lazada Online Revolution Blogger Contest


Hari ni berapa hari bulan? 
Yes! 12/12! 

Maknanya apa? 
Yes! Lazada Sale!

Tahukah anda? Lazada Online Revolution sales berlangsung daripada 11 November hingga 14 Disember 2017! Sudah tersebar ke seluruh pelusuk dunia sehingga makcik bungkus lauk kenduri juga sudahpun mengetahuinya!

 a. Do you remember the first product that you ever purchased online? What was it and how was your experience? 
I think the first ever item I purchased online was a K-pop album. It was a nice experience since the seller was really nice. The item was wrapped very nicely.
 b. Which types of products would you prefer buying online? 
Kasut, baju, tudung. Basically yang berkaitan fashion :-)
 c. What do you love about online shopping? 
Variety of choices! Sebut je jenama apa nak, semua ada! Tak perlu susah payah berjalan ke sana-sini. dari kedai ke kedai untuk survey barang.
 d. Which products did you buy or are you planning to buy on Lazada during the Online Revolution sales? 
Since I'm a fan of Monobo footwear, I nak kumpul lagi banyak kasut Monobo. 

Berkenan berkenan hehe.

12/12 is a good day to do shopping! Apa tunggu lagi? Jom serbu website Lazada sekarang :-)


A visit to Pahang Art Museum

Assalamualaikum dan halluuuuu semuanya~~

I decided to write on this because I wanted to treasure this moment as one of the most beautiful moments I had in medical school. My classmates and I; we the whole batch went there by bus, so it kinda felt like a class trip that we all experienced during our years in high school. I got excited for no reasons padahal educational trip je. Actually most of all didn't know where were we going to go - still, the excitement was there because we were all in this together AHAHA gituh!

I think many people already know that I like visual art. I like it too much, I just can't help. Tapi tulah, inilah dia first time jejakkan kaki ke art museum. Art exhibitions dan sewaktu dengannya pun harommm satu pun tak pernah pergi! So as soon as I entered the building muka pun berubah ala-ala emoji Whatsapp yang ada love dekat dua biji mata tu. 

Ini siling ruang tengah museum tu.
Ekceli macam ada kayak tergantung but I couldn't take a proper picture of it.

There are different sections in the museum that exhibit different themes. Ada tema Makyong, tema Orang Asli, tema batik, wayang kulit, dan sebagainya. I wasn't really interested in any of their themes but lebih kepada mengkaji teknik lukisan yang dipamerkan. Mostly guna acrylic dan oil paint. There I was thinking, "besarnya canvas, agak-agak berapa lama dia orang lukis ni," or "macam mahal je kalau jual," or "awat kreatip sangat homaigod. Nak rompak boleh tak."

I forgot everything they told me about the history, the artists, and... yeah. Everything. I just forgot everything HOHOHO I obviously went there just for fun.

This canvas piece is so large. Makyong theme.

Photography, also Makyong theme.
Taken by the same person who did the Makyong art.

The Orang Asli theme.

Various handcrafts made by the aborigines.

Oh, there's a pink one!

Ini pulak macam statue tapi diperbuat daripada kayu.
The person who built(?) this studied anatomy hokay.

Here's a sad story. Masa masuk section yang banyak painting tu jugaklah phone aku mati. Tak dapat ambil gambar. I was amazed by how detailed the paintings are. I forgot the artist's name but she majored in fashion designing if I'm not mistaken.

Wayang kulit theme.

Banyak sangat acrylic painting tema wayang kulit but I particularly like this one. I stared at it for so long; it felt like love at first sight to me.

Tema Pantai Timur.

Ini adalah cop batik ya kawan-kawan.

Some random paintings. 

Tema Islamik.

Mushaf Uthmani.

Oh, did I mention about the grass outside? Rumput dia sangat sedap, rasa macam nak baring sebab rasa macam bersih??? AHAHA. Boleh main kejar-kejar lagi.

Address: Pahang Art Museum, Jalan Masjid, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang.
Tel: 09-516 1328/29
Fax: 09-516 1327
Email: farid.muzium@gmail.com


Unboxing TalkTalk Korea 2017 Runner-Up Prize Box


Maybe some of you guys already knew that my entry for TalkTalk Korea 2017 was shortlisted for Voting Event (for popularity award; they claimed). I shamelessly asked everyone to vote for me (as published HERE). I didn't win the popularity award (more like, I have no idea who won) but I managed to get 4th place in this event for Illustration category! Yeay!


I entered last year's TalkTalk event as well and I got 6th place but the prize was 16GB KBS World pendrive (the prize was supposed to be Bangtan's album as they were the embassador for last year's event but somehow they changed it idk???).

It's supposed to be postcard design. I'm secretly waiting for someone to hire me as postcard designer HAHAHA but that's not gonna happen.

Actually this is my 4th time winning KBSW event, if I'm not mistaken. K-drama posters, calendars, tote bag, K-pop album, planners, tumbler, hand mirrors, pen drives, and KOKO plush toy are some of the items they sent me.  I believe this is not really because of pure luck as I was never lucky when it comes to this. I really put a lot of effort to do some research and to collect ideas before I entered any contest. Above all, it's called rezeki.

This is the KOKO plush toy I mentioned. It's really big and sphere, so I never had any chance to bring it to my hostel /sobs/

I forgot for how many weeks did I wait for the parcel to reach home, but all I can remember is that, Korean Embassy sent me an e-mail to notify me that they sent me something (usually KBSW would send the prize directly to me instead of going through the Korean Embassy). I laughed so hard when I saw they wrote "makanan" on the consignment note. I mean, I expected gifts like EXO-CBX album, EXO merchandises, etc. (I thought they promised something like that).

They sent me makanan?!

I was quite shocked when I opened the box. They REALLY SENT ME MAKANAN! YA RABBI KALAU HALAL TAKPE JUGAK! HAHA. I'm still lucky because they included other stuffs as well.

Ramyeon, Jjajangmyeon. I've always liked Shin Ramyeon but sadly this one has no Halal logo. So yeah, I gave it away to someone else.


Last time I checked, Maxim coffee drinks are halal, so that made me smile hehe. They gave only 4 sticks and I finished them all in just a week! I heard that Korean coffee is nothing like our coffee; you should expect that it's going to be bitter (with exception of some coffee, of course). AND I LIKE THAT. I MEAN, COFFEE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SWEET MANNNNN! Coffee 3-in-1 dekat Malaysia semua manis T^T

Topeng muka (SM Ent. merchandise).

Not a fan of EXO anymore, but I wanna keep this mask because I knew right away that it's an official SM merchandise when I saw the logo behind it. I expect that this thing must be expensive even if the quality is just - MEH. It came with Chen photocard as well but I gave it away to my friend LOL~

Pen drive, again. It's cute tho. 4GB only but... it's cute.

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018. Soon! I think this is an official merchandise. It's nice to receive it early.

Face mask sheets! There are five or six of them (I can't remember). You give me any skin care products and I'll be happy. Easy.

Sunscreen but stick version. I never tried it on my face (I think I never will). So guna untuk tangan je kot.

That's all for today. Till we meet again.


Hiking @ Bukit Keluang

Assalamualaikum and haluuuuuuuuuu guys!

Lama dah blog ini menyepi huhuhu. I've been busy and extremely lazy to even scroll down my ig/twitter page. Mula-mula laptop sakit, then phone pulak sakit... but now I'm back with a new laptop and phone yang baru repair so bolehlah ushar-ushar ini belog yabedabeduuuu (acah happy padahal di sebalik tabir muka macam ayam penyet).

Entah bila tah aku tak ingat, aku dan gang (bukan geng KL gengster) telahpun berjalan-jalan di Terengganu. Dua hari je pun so lebih kepada jalan-jalan release stress. Masa tu baru lepas exam posting Community Medicine yang sangat menyeliratkan ganglion di otak, makanya kami mencari alternatif untuk memanjakan neuron-neuron otak kami.

Bukit Keluang ni terletak di Besut, Terengganu. Alkisahnya tak plan sangat pun trip ni, dan aku pun ikut jelah diaorang bawak aku ke mana-mana, tiba-tiba kena hiking??? I was like apakah ini??? Dah lah pakai kasut ala-ala Crocs jenama Monobo warna pink pulak tu! Apa kelas nak hiking?

Bangun-bangun tidoq je tetiba sampai kat pantai. Tanjat gegirl taw. Aku malas mahu bertanya kepada geng di manakah kita? Lalu aku pun diseret ke bukit yang diberi nama kluang itu (malangnya aku tidak berjaya menjumpai seekor keluang pun di sana).

Iolls lupa nama pantai ni hohoho silalah google sendiri.

Haruslah berposing manja di sebalik tiang yang tersergam.

Pastu kan, sebelum nak hiking tu dia letak dinding mural pulak dah... Terpaksa lah bergambor lagi ye dokkk.

Yeahhhh. Girl power!!!! (Jerit sampai anak tekak irritate).

Disebabkan iolls mengamalkan sedentary lifestyle (my lecturer defined it as dok depan tv makan kepok), jadinya pendakian ini agak mencabar bagiku. Agak curam jugaklah, kena sentiasa berpaut pada tali. Selalulah jugak tergelincir sambil mentertawakan rakan di belakang yang opocot nak tergelincir jugek. Penat sebab macam lambat je nak sampai atas lololol. Lung capacity tidak menyebelahi gadis seperti aku.

Nasib ada tali.

Tapi bila dah sampai puncak, ALLAHU!!!! CANTIKNYA VIEW!!! Sangat indah hokay iolls hampir menangis (k tipu). Angin yang bertiup membelai manja pipi mulusku alahai. Aku tetiba develop rosy cheeks sesampai di puncak sebab capillaries di pipi vasodilate gituh. Walaupun aku hyperventilate hati tetap meronta bahagia dapat tengok view yang indah. Tak sia-sia mendaki guna kasut ala-ala Crocs warna PINK.

Dia punya biru tu kan, rasa macam nak minum wakakaka.

Memang motip sangat dia nak kasi iolls merindui oppa yang nun jauh di Seoul sobs sobs.

Boleh nampak horizon uollssssss.

Allahuuuu. I can see the horizonnnnnnn.

Nak ambil gambar je mesti member interframe.

Hehehe pastu dah turun bukit berkelah tepi pantai pulek alahai indahnya hidup ni kan meow kan.

Sekian sahaja. Ttataaa~~~


Bad genius

Assalamualaikum dan hai semua.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!

Lepas solat raya and makan-makan lontong, aku terus pi cinema lolol rasa cam pelik hari raya tengok wayang. Sila jangan tiru aksi ini.

Aku bukanlah kaki movie pun, jaranglah aku layan movie-movie ni, tengok wayang pun macam sekali setahun gitu. Bad genius ni ramai yang recommend, so aku jadi excited ajak member gi tengok. Ekceli lepas nampak trailer pun aku rasa macam kena tengok.

Mengisahkan budak pandai genius gilos menggunakan kepandaian dia untuk buat duit sampai berjuta-juta dengan kasi orang tiru jawapan dia. Aku kagum sebab dengar citer movie ni inspired by true story. Rasa macam WOWWWW, TAK PERNAH TERFIKIR NAK BUAT GITU. Seingat aku dulu masa exam kat sekolah aku punyalah tak suka orang jeling kertas aku lol.

Paling suka watak Pat, sebab dia macam selamba gitu. Watak Grace pun comel je. Watak Bank yang genius tu mula-mula je buat aku "awwww comelnya", tapi dah last-last tu menyampah pulak aku hahaha. Pelakon-pelakon utama mostly pelakon baru kalau tak silap. Watak utama si Lynn tu model sebenarnya, baru debut, umur baru 21 uolls (k jealous di sini).

Bagi aku sangat bijaklah movie ni, macam mana cara direktor tu buat momen-momen nak terkantoi kasi meniru tu jadi seolah-olah life-and-death situation! Movie ni takde cintan-cintun or hantu-hantu macam kebanyakan cerita Thai yang lain, but still superb! I was actually hoping Lynn and Bank would end up together... but nah.


'Melayukan' makanan Korea | Lebak Cafe

Assalamualaikum dan hai.

Hari ni nak tulis entri pasal makanan lagi. Beberapa minggu yang lepas sempat try makan dekat Lebak Cafe yang terletak di Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan ni. Disebabkan pergi atas dasar jamuan bersama rakan-rakan satu biro, kita orang kena book dulu tempat. Makanya dapatlah makan dekat bahagian luar restoran sambil menikmati angin malam (eceh).

Setelah dikaji, rupa-rupanya restoran ni pernah masuk akhbar Metro:

"Kebiasaannya, sajian kambing golek yang dicicah dengan sos 'black pepper' dimakan begitu saja. Namun, di Lebak Cafe, Indera Mahkota, hidangan istimewa nasi goreng kambing atau nama Koreanya 'eolin yang bokk-eumbab' yang disajikan kepada penulis nyata sesuatu yang berlainan.
Sukar menyebut dalam bahasa Korea menyebabkan pengurus restoran itu, Umair Abdul Rahman mengambil pendekatan 'Melayukan' supaya mudah disebut.
Dua lagi hidangan ialah nasi goreng Korea atau 'hangug-eo bokk-eumbab' dan nasi goreng rumpai laut atau 'miyeog bokk-eumbab' turut menjadi pilihan pengunjung walaupun ada hidangan barat seperti 'mixed grill', 'lamb chop', 'chicken chop', 'fish & chip' dan kentang goreng."
Sebenarnya dah dua kali dah makan Nasi Goreng Kambing dekat sini. Serius sedap T^T Siapa yang suka kambing mesti suka :D Kambing dia tak liat. Memang best ah. Portion nasi boleh tahan banyak, dan potongan-potongan kambing dalam nasi goreng tu pun tak kedekut. Nasi goreng dia pun sedap... sobs sobs. Rasa macam berbaloi jugak la dengan harga RM9 tu.

Nasi Goreng Kambing.

Bila tengok menu, nasi goreng Korea tu macam menarik perhatian tapi belum cuba. Teringin juga nak tahu apa yang Koreanya? Is it Kimchi Fried Rice?

Lagi satu menu yang sedap dekat sini ialah Tom Yam kering. Makan dengan nasi panas-panas... Memang sedap~ Dia macam tom yam tapi tak berkuah. Rasa dia pedas-pedas gitu. Yang ni pun recommended jugak. Cuma agak mahal sikit untuk student macam iolls T^T Tapi memang sedap!

Tom yam kering.

Menu Western pun ada macam chicken chop, fish and chip, spaghetti dan sebagainya. Tak ingat dah ada apa lagi. Silalah google sendiri hohoho.

Spaghetti carbonara, Spaghetti aglio e olio. Harga below RM15 (tak ingat actually).

Air pun ada beraneka macam... Tapi masa tu kita orang pilih Sjora je, dia bagi dalam botol macam ni... Share ramai-ramai :-)

Lorong IM 5/1, Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

Sekian sahaja entri kali ni... Tataaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~