September 1, 2018

XiaoMi Yi Action Camera - Cheaper Alternative for GOPRO?

September 01, 2018 9 Comments
Assalamualaikum dan hai semua.

I recently bought an action camera because I thought I need a lightweight camera for travelling purpose. GoPro is too expensive for me so I chose XiaoMi brand which is cheaper. Lagipun pernah ternampak someone on Twitter review XiaoMi Yi action camera and malas nak cari brand lain so I bought it without thinking much. 

I bought the camera with some additions of waterproof case, extra battery, and a protective bag: Total RM340. Kinda sad because I thought I bought along the monopod. Inilah masalahnya bila tak tengok description online seller betul-betul. Dalam gambar jualan ada gambar monopod padahal it didn't include the monopod pun. HAIHHHH.

Actually I am not the right person to talk about gadgets/technology. Bukan bidang saya lol jadi nak bagi pendapat sahaja sebagai rakyat marhaen.