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"What corrupts speech is lying. What corrupts knowledge is forgetting. What corrupts patience is foolishness. What corrupts worshipping is laziness. What corrupts circumstances is boasting. What corrupts bravery is transgression. What corrupts generosity is mentioning it. What corrupts beauty is haughtiness. What corrupts lineage is pride."
- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Name: Aisya//Aichan
Age: 24 (1996 young adult)
Just a medical student who loves art ♥

How Aisyasakura got its name?
When I was in primary school, I loved Cardcaptor Sakura a lot. It's a cute anime with cute characters and costumes. In 2009, I named this blog "aisyasakura" by combining my name and the main character's name but now I think Aisyasakura suits me since I love flowers and pink.

Cheese cake
Vanilla ice-cream
Inspiring quotes
Pastel colours

Reach me through for advertorial/editing/designing jobs!

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