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Assalamualaikum and helloooo~

  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
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Thank you very much Hazy and Nuna for the tag ^____^
Secara kebetulan tengah bosan sekarang ni, bolehlah jawab soalan cenggini kan hohohohoo~

So let's get started~

11 killer questions from Hazy:

1. Do you have nickname? List them and which is your favorite?
Typical nicknames for someone named Aisyah; 
  • Aisya: Some of my friends call me by this name and it's also my online name - it's not even a nickname, I guess? Just remove the "h" and wallah my name sounds cuter hohohohoh. Tbh I favor this one the most, maybe because "Aisya" does have a meaning, similar to Aisyah; just a matter of spelling.
  • Ecah: I have a friend who calls me by this name but I don't like it, tbh. Sounds babyish.
  • Esah: My brother calls me by this name and I hate it the most. Sounds so kekampungan lololol.
  • Sah: My parents call me by this name T___T I think they're too lazy to pronounce my real name.
  • Ai: I have a friend who used to call me by this name. I kinda like it because it has a meaning. In Japanese and Chinese, "Ai" means "love".
  • Ai-chan: My another online name (my alter ego to be exact), given by myself since I found too many people who bear the name Aisyah/Aisya/Aishah/Aisyhah/Ayesha. It sounds cute to me; kawaii-ness overload.
So basically my favorite nicknames are Aisya, Ai and Ai-chan.

2. What kind of food do you like?
Since I really can't tolerate spicy food, I like sweet food. Even in sambal nasi lemak, I like the one with a small amount of sugar in it. And oh, I think I like sour food too, for example Tom Yam? I think I like varieties of food as long as they're not spicy.

3. Tell me about things that changed your life forever.
Well... when I was in elementary school, I often got bullied by boys. They didn't bully me physically, but mentally. I didn't tell anyone about that and endured it all by myself. (Suddenly I feel like crying while typing this T__T) As I grew older, my mind often tells me that boys are stupid and I don't like making friends with them. I refuse to talk to boys except regarding important matters, but that doesn't mean I'm having androphobia or something like that. I just don't like to treat boys the same way I treat girls. I'm usually cold to boys.

4. Describe yourself in two words, one positive and one negative.
I think I'm ambitious; that's my positive side. I'm unfriendly, that's my negative side.

5. How do you spend you leisure time?
I'd usually watch K-dramas/Detective Conan and copy inspiring quotes from them into a special book. Sometimes I draw to express my feelings.

6. What is a dream that you want it to be true?
To have an eternal happy ending.

7. Define LIFE in your own words.
LIFE is a given period of time to fulfill something beneficial so that our life in hereafter will be free from pains.

8. What do you think about your appearance ? explain.
I think I look so simple but somehow matured. I look older than my real age. I don't think I'm pretty even though quite a number of people agree with that (lol), but I don't think I'm ugly either. I'm just average and... plain.

9. If you were given a chance to grant a wish, what would it be?
Anything related to time machine and Doraemon. lol.

10. What will you do to express love to the people you love?
I'm not good at expressing my love to someone. Whether to parents, friends or teachers, it's awkward to say "I love you". I'd probably show them that I really care and treat them nicely, to prove my love to them because actions speak louder than words right?

11. Describe your crush =D
Sorry but I don't have one =P

11 questions from Nuna:

1. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
Dark chocolate, maybe? But I love both T___T

2. What is your all-time favorite song?
I have too many in mind. Jin - Gone, EXO - Baby Don't Cry, INFINITE - Can U Smile. I can't choose only one T___T

3. If you could start your own business, what would it be?
I'm not a business-minded person, tbh... but if I'm the opposite, I think I would run a bakery. I love cakes!

4. How are you feeling right now?
Lonely? Empty?

5.Favourite colour?
Pink :-)

6. Your ability?
I have an ability to complete a task within a short period of time. (Mostly yes, but not all. It is all depending on the difficulty level of the given task itself.)

7. If you could perfectly speak any 6 languages what would it be?
English, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) and the last one would be... dialect of any stated languages. Hohoho.

8. Family or friends.

9. Name three things you have never done, but would like to do?
Bungee jumping, snorkelling, ice skating...

10. Where would you bury your treasure if you had some?
Nice question :-D
Ehmm... my answer would be... near the foot of Mount Fuji. (Hahahah whutt even)

11. Favourite anime and character? Why?
I'm not a fan of anime but I love Detective Conan! My favourite character is Shinichi Kudo because he's handsome, talented, genius, genius and........ genius.

Done :-D
I'm too lazy to make new questions and tag people because most of them would end up ignoring my tag hahaha sad life.

I love to answer random questions sooo much ok and I think I should create an account for myself, but nevermind - after all, no one would care to ask.

So... let's end it here.

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  1. I have a friend who always spells my name without h. He said, it sounds better without h.

  2. @Farah

    ikr? akak punya nama sounds cuter without h too;;
    heheh :3

  3. Hai.
    come join us..

  4. ecah, creativenya jawapan ! hehe.
    btw, thank sebab sudi menjawab soalan-soalan tu semua =D

  5. @Nur Haziqah Mohd Rosli

    ni lagi sorang panggil kite ecah XD
    thanks sebab tag :D