3 Muslimah Clothing Rocking Fashion Piece!

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Happy fasting! I know it's only the first Ramadhan but since most of my blog readers (including the silent ones) are ladies, let me spark your interest in Muslimah fashion, just in case you have no idea what types of clothing piece to fill up your wardrobe AHAH.

It cannot be denied that the muslimah clothing fashion is getting a huge attention in the fashion scene. Designers from all around the world are creating stylish concepts for the Muslim community to flaunt which includes long dress, outerwear and pants. As Muslim ladies are to be dressed in a modest way, it is never wrong to look glamorous and be a fashionista. If you are wondering what are the big muslimah clothing pieces hitting the runaway, below are the top three choices:

1.    Maxi Dresses
The maxi dresses are not going anywhere any time soon as Muslimah women are stashing it in their closet at home. Designers and brands offer a wide range of maxi dresses which can be worn to many occasions. It does not matter whether a casual simple print maxi dress to a sophisticated embellished one, muslimah women can flaunt it in their own personal touch. Some women match their sleeveless maxi dress with a nice cardigan or jacket to have that cover up look while still looking amazing.

2.    Palazzo pants
Palazzo pants are perfect for muslim or even non-muslim to style everywhere they go. Pair your palazzo pants with a nice blouse, shirt or t-shirt and have that effortless chic appearance. The flare like design is what enhances your legs for a slim effect. Besides that, as Muslim women are encouraged to wear loose clothing, the palazzo pant is the bottom which does not reveal your silhouette but maintains a stylish element to your outfit.

3.    Kebaya Kimono
The kebaya kimono has been getting attention from the ladies since early this year and they are the perfect outerwear to layer up on your tops. It provides that loose feeling which is comfortable to be worn the entire day. Wear it to the office for a sophisticated look or look elegant in it on your day to town.


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