Unboxing TalkTalk Korea 2017 Runner-Up Prize Box


Maybe some of you guys already knew that my entry for TalkTalk Korea 2017 was shortlisted for Voting Event (for popularity award; they claimed). I shamelessly asked everyone to vote for me (as published HERE). I didn't win the popularity award (more like, I have no idea who won) but I managed to get 4th place in this event for Illustration category! Yeay!


I entered last year's TalkTalk event as well and I got 6th place but the prize was 16GB KBS World pendrive (the prize was supposed to be Bangtan's album as they were the embassador for last year's event but somehow they changed it idk???).

It's supposed to be postcard design. I'm secretly waiting for someone to hire me as postcard designer HAHAHA but that's not gonna happen.

Actually this is my 4th time winning KBSW event, if I'm not mistaken. K-drama posters, calendars, tote bag, K-pop album, planners, tumbler, hand mirrors, pen drives, and KOKO plush toy are some of the items they sent me.  I believe this is not really because of pure luck as I was never lucky when it comes to this. I really put a lot of effort to do some research and to collect ideas before I entered any contest. Above all, it's called rezeki.

This is the KOKO plush toy I mentioned. It's really big and sphere, so I never had any chance to bring it to my hostel /sobs/

I forgot for how many weeks did I wait for the parcel to reach home, but all I can remember is that, Korean Embassy sent me an e-mail to notify me that they sent me something (usually KBSW would send the prize directly to me instead of going through the Korean Embassy). I laughed so hard when I saw they wrote "makanan" on the consignment note. I mean, I expected gifts like EXO-CBX album, EXO merchandises, etc. (I thought they promised something like that).

They sent me makanan?!

I was quite shocked when I opened the box. They REALLY SENT ME MAKANAN! YA RABBI KALAU HALAL TAKPE JUGAK! HAHA. I'm still lucky because they included other stuffs as well.

Ramyeon, Jjajangmyeon. I've always liked Shin Ramyeon but sadly this one has no Halal logo. So yeah, I gave it away to someone else.


Last time I checked, Maxim coffee drinks are halal, so that made me smile hehe. They gave only 4 sticks and I finished them all in just a week! I heard that Korean coffee is nothing like our coffee; you should expect that it's going to be bitter (with exception of some coffee, of course). AND I LIKE THAT. I MEAN, COFFEE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SWEET MANNNNN! Coffee 3-in-1 dekat Malaysia semua manis T^T

Topeng muka (SM Ent. merchandise).

Not a fan of EXO anymore, but I wanna keep this mask because I knew right away that it's an official SM merchandise when I saw the logo behind it. I expect that this thing must be expensive even if the quality is just - MEH. It came with Chen photocard as well but I gave it away to my friend LOL~

Pen drive, again. It's cute tho. 4GB only but... it's cute.

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018. Soon! I think this is an official merchandise. It's nice to receive it early.

Face mask sheets! There are five or six of them (I can't remember). You give me any skin care products and I'll be happy. Easy.

Sunscreen but stick version. I never tried it on my face (I think I never will). So guna untuk tangan je kot.

That's all for today. Till we meet again.

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  1. waaaaaaaaahhhhhh ... tahniaaaaaaaaaah !!!!!

  2. Congrats! It's a bit sad that they send some foods over. They probably didn't know that we can only eat halal foods.

    1. yup, fortunately, they included other items as well. kalau tak mesti dah mengamuk XD

  3. bertuahnya! tahniah xD

  4. Ohhhhh I love Maxim coffee!! Ohh serius, sesiapa yang pergi Korea rasa nak pesan beli kopi ni. Serius sedap. Pernah minum masa pergi Korea tiga tahun lepas dan masih rasa kesedapan kopi ini :p

    Apa pun, tahniah Aisya!! Next year, join lagi tau, And I'll make sure I'll vote for you :)

    1. ME TOO!!! *hi-5* rasa macam nak kirim jugak dekat sesiapa yang pergi Korea. Seriusss.

  5. Congratulationnnn ~~~~~~~~~~~ Wah bestnya tengok kak aisya, masuk contest je menang, kita nak try jugak, but ive nothing to show TT

    1. ada rezeki lebih :-) hahaha pernah je kalah, tapi kena kaji balik lemah tang mana, then improve

  6. wow you're so luckyyyy. oh i followed u here #741
    do come visit n follow too. hehe love ur blog btw

  7. you drew the postcard pictures ?? ohmai what a talented girl you are =D
    cantik koooooot. insyallah give it another try again. mana tahu rezeki next time dapat first place..

  8. bestnyaa dpt unboxing.. smua best2 belaka.. <3

  9. Congrats again! Anyway, I really both designs :D