National Aspiration & Leadership Summit (NALS 2018)

Assalamualaikum and hai!

Long time no see! I've been very busy lately. Blogwalking pun dah tak mampu. I kinda miss my blog so hati terdetik rasa nak update.

Merujuk kepada tajuk di atas, pada 4 Februari 2018 yang lalu, aku telah melibatkan diri dalam National Aspiration & Leadership Summit, NALS 2018. It's a national program. I joined as delegate of my campus, so we went there by bus. Kuantan to PWTC KL! Sadly it was Sunday dan esoknya ada kelas. Honestly I was so tired hahaha.

Gombak. Seawal pagi. Masa ni happy baru lepas pekena roti canai dengan horlicks ais dekat mamak.

Excited sebab depan PWTC ni data Umobile dapat 4G weh maka haruslah mengambil gambar demi sesuap instastory. Err dekat Kuantan jarang merasai nikmat 4G sedemikian.

Sesampai di sana, ramai sungguh belia-belia negara kita. Sehingga terdetik di fikiranku, kalau semua belia kita daftar mengundi dan cakna isu negara mesti best kan?

I like PWTC punya main hall!

Seriously seronok tengok belia pelbagai bangsa dari pelbagai institusi! Semua berpakaian professional. Smart! I like the program manager's speech! Kami disajikan dengan persembahan daripada Anding (yang dulu Akademi Fantasia tu) dan juga persembahan orkestra/pancaragam (I'm not sure what is it called????) daripada pelajar SM Sains Selangor. It was so beautiful T^T

I went to Cluster A for the morning session and Cluster H for the evening session. I wanted to join other clusters, but I had no choice T^T Cluster lain semua dah penuh since aku ganti tempat student yang cancel last minute je (my friend is part of SRC atau MPP, so aku ada kabel nak join muahaha).


Cluster A: Employability: Expectations VS Reality

Ni cluster paling ramai participants dan dibuat di main hall. It was so informative and entertaining! 

Some points I would like to share:
  • The important components in employability are communication skills, decision making, leadership, and most importantly, positive attittudes. Remember ok? Positive attitude is the major one here, then only the other components will follow!
  • Ask a question: "Would you hire yourself?" If the answer is yes, then it's good. If the answer is no, why? Look for the answer to improve yourself.
  • A few years of work experience is a MUST for most job interviews! They want clues whether you can adapt to the working environment or not.
  • Be interesting! How? By travelling and reading! Then you'll get more experience!
  • A good degree is a door to get a good job, BUT sadly most of the people out there, when given a piece of job, they don't work as hard as before!
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Ask for a job! Don't wait! Volunteer yourself!
  • For "how do you see yourself in the future?" kind of question, instead of answering something about your future desired job, you can elaborate about your personal life. Maybe you expect yourself to have one child, to buy a house, or anything. If you elaborate about job or anything close to that, it'd be less interesting.

After cluster A ended, we went to grab some lunch! Buffet ada disediakan, and it was free! Makanan dia Ya Rabbi... sangat sedap T^T Masih terngiang-ngiang akan lauk daging haritu. Kuih muih pun banyak ya ampun~~~ Rasa macam the best part of the day macam the makan part je :P

Lepas Zuhr prayer, terus ke main hall balik for the evening session.

Cluster H: Mental Illness - The Invisible Killer?

Honestly, as a medical student, I've heard a lot about this topic so macam bosan sikit dengar benda yang sama. I wanted to join the Sex Education one tapi cluster tu dah penuh. Haha. Dr. Khairul Hafidz is one of the panelists. Rakyat Twitter mesti kenal. Ada wakil daripada Befrienders KL and a psychiatrist from UKM juga as panelists.

Some points I would like to share:
  • The signs and symptoms of depression include prolonged sadness/low mood, sense of emptiness/tearfulness - everyday/almost everyday. They no longer enjoy the things they used to enjoy and they feel lethargic/easily tired.
  • However, depression might not be the diagnosis, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia may come with similar signs and symptoms.
  • Social anxiety disorder is associated with youth. Anxiety - palpitations, cold and sweaty hands.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder is usually associated with adults.
  • Stigmatization blocks people from getting help! "I can't tell because then I'll be labelled as; GILA." | "They'd hear me at first, later they'd get tired; fed up."
  • One third of Malaysians have been showing symptoms of mental illness.
  • When you post something on social media that tells people you're feeling depressed, some will support, but some of them will mock you.
I'll end this entry with an appreciation post of the beautiful honey-comb appearance of the Dewan Merdeka PWTC's ceiling :P

Till then, bye!

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  1. woah dr. hafidz tu, memang glemer betul kt twitter xD

  2. hi. jmput la join n meriahkan segmen GA kt sini

  3. Cluster A section sounds interesting! I've been so unmotivated lately :'(

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  5. I really want to experience Cluster H. Nak belajar lagi and learn more about Mental illness.
    And I totally understand about the 4G coverage tho. haha Rumah sendiri ada je 4G / H+ tapi still lembab hahaha