XiaoMi Yi Action Camera - Cheaper Alternative for GOPRO?

Assalamualaikum dan hai semua.

I recently bought an action camera because I thought I need a lightweight camera for travelling purpose. GoPro is too expensive for me so I chose XiaoMi brand which is cheaper. Lagipun pernah ternampak someone on Twitter review XiaoMi Yi action camera and malas nak cari brand lain so I bought it without thinking much. 

I bought the camera with some additions of waterproof case, extra battery, and a protective bag: Total RM340. Kinda sad because I thought I bought along the monopod. Inilah masalahnya bila tak tengok description online seller betul-betul. Dalam gambar jualan ada gambar monopod padahal it didn't include the monopod pun. HAIHHHH.

Actually I am not the right person to talk about gadgets/technology. Bukan bidang saya lol jadi nak bagi pendapat sahaja sebagai rakyat marhaen.

The one I bought. I prefer the white one but it's okay. Pocket size je ni.

Manufacturer: Xiaomi
Type: Sports Action Camera
Material: Plastic
Waterproof: Up to 40 m deep with waterproof housing (not included)
Camera Lens: F2.8 aperture, 155° ultra-wide-angle glass lens
Image Processor: Ambarella A7LS high-performance processor
Image Sensor: 16MP Sony EXMOR R CMOS BSI image sensor
Video Encoding: High-definition H.264 image encoding, MP4 format
Supported Resolution: 1080p @60fps, 48fps, 30fps, 24fps
960p @60fps, 48fps
720p @120fps, 60fps, 48fps
480p @240fps
Image Format: JPEG
Image Resolution: 16MP, 4608x3456 pixels Max
Audio System: Built-in microphone/speaker (AAC)
Dual-channel, 96KHz sampling, 92dBA SNR
White Balance Mode: Auto
WiFi: Broadcom wireless module, 802.11b/g/n, 100m signal
WiFi Functions: Easily transfers video and photos to your smartphone
Wireless Encryption: WEP / WPA / WPA2
Gravity Sensor: ST high performance g-sensor
Storage: Max External Card Supported: Micro SD 64GB (not included).
Class Rating Requirements: Class 10 or Above
Display: No
Battery: Rechargeable Panasonic high-density 1010mAh lithium-ion battery
Total Power Consumption: ≤ 5.0W
Power Supply: USB charger
Power Interface: DC 5V / 2.0A micro USB interface
Supported Platforms: Android, iOS
Dimensions: 60.4mm × 42mm × 21.2mm
Weight: 76.6g

Some comparisons.

Here are some pictures taken by me in Jeju. Semuanya tanpa edit.

As you can see gambar sangat gelap but it'll look much better after editing.

Inside cave with poor lighting. Quite okaylah.

  • Ringan.
  • Affordable.
  • Boleh masuk poket.
  • Quality gambar okay. Puas hati. Should be nice after editing/filtering.
  • Boleh connect ke wifi dan smartphone untuk transfer terus gambar ke phone.
  • Wide angled.
  • Waterproof (kena ada waterproof case).

  • Battery tak tahan lama especially kalau connect ke Wifi.
  • Tak ada display screen. Tak boleh nak agak gambar tu dah centre ke belum. Kena connect ke wifi and smartphone untuk view. I HATE THIS THE MOST.
  • Battery phone akan drain sangat-sangat once connected.
  • Kena install app Xiaomi Yi dulu dekat smartphone kalau nak connect ke phone.

Original VS Filtered.

Original VS Filtered.

Ni pulak videos taken by this camera.

Sedikit kabur kerana diselaputi oleh wap sejuk (tiny air droplets).

Konklusinya, Xiaomi Yi Action Camera is okay except that dia tak ada display screen. Keburukan yang lain tu boleh aku tolerate lagi cuma ketiadaan display screen tu agak annoying sedikit. HAHA. 

My friend bought Eken Action Camera, another cheaper alternative for GOPRO. Around RM100++ je dia beli. Tersangatlah murah but I haven't tried that one. I'd like to compare Eken with my Xiaomi Yi next time (probably won't make another post about it).

Till then, bye!

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  1. Ekin pun planning nak beli action camera sebab senang nak bawa mana2.. anyway,, this is good review so ekin boleh buat comparison before buying it.. thank you =)

    1. In term of picture quality of course la I prefer camera phone, but battery cepat drain so kena ada backup untuk travelling.

  2. Cons XiaoMi Yi Action Camera ni lebih kurang sama je dengan GoPro. Pasal battery, my GoPro selalu tahan 2 jam je kalau connect dengan WiFi. Bila travel kena bawa charger dengan batteries lebih.

  3. My Xiaomi battery pun tahan lebih kurang 2 jam je or maybe less than that? I can't remember XD

    Kalau bawak extra battery pun tak mampu menampung masa travel T^T

    1. Betul. Which is why I always bring my charger as well on top of my 2 extra batteries T__T

    2. huurm kalo CT i prepare 1 extra power bank for my xtion cams. mmg skali jalan ade 3 power banks hihi.. sebab kita guna lama n we dont have source nak charge jadi kena ada portable power yg blh topap anytime. one utk fon.. satu lagi back up if x sempat nak charge power bank lain.

  4. menarik juga, tpi xde display xbest plak...

  5. i think Xiaomi does wonder dengan harga yang sangat affordable. ada few features la yang xde kat dia compared to Gopro o Sony tapi berbaloi beli n kualiti gambar pun skali tengok tak ada beza. rasanya kalo kat tempat gelap kelam2 mmg gitu kot gambar. mine pun jadi kelabu asap (or sebenarnya CT yang x reti guna) hehe explore je amek je gmbr banyak2 lama2 kita akan faham gadget kita =)