What I ate in the past few months

Assalamualaikum and hai.

I run out of ideas what to update here, so I'm just gonna post some photos from my phone gallery - FOOD, FOOD, AND FOOD!

I've been spending a lot of money on food nowadays. I'm always hungry and I can't skip meals - it's unhealthy and may ruin your mood. I started to cook more this year, but the pictures below will not be my home-cooked meals (apparently because they were not aesthetic to be captured in photos, and I even eat straight away from my periuk sometimes mihmih).

So let's get started!

I went to this restaurant in front of my campus regularly to have my dinner. Kuew teow goreng and nasi goreng tomyam + telur mata. Telur mata is a must!

Kalau pergi cool blog mesti nak air ni. Mint oreo chocolate. (Siapa yang kata perisa mint rasa macam ubat gigi jom jumpa kat parking lot! *insert garang emoji*)

Salmon at Manhattan Fish Market. I guess I just come here bila ada promo je. LOL.

Kuew Teow Kungfu and Nasi Goreng USA @ Kedai makan depan Hospital Temerloh.

That one time when I was curious how almond milk tastes like. Sedap! But I prefer regular milk la. But this one tastes amazing for my iced latte.

Another Jaya Grocer goods. Ahhh this one is so sedap! Tapi sedut sekali dua dah habis dah. Mahal pulak tu. I will only buy again bila rasa kaya.

Kome Thai Restaurant Temerloh. Kuew Teow Ladna + Nescafe Ais. Sedap la jugak cuma Nescafe Ais dia terlalu manis. Maybe I should've ordered Thai food.

Bihun goreng tomyam, Nasi goreng USA. I usually order either Nescafe O Ais or Nescafe Ais. Tapi selalu kecewa sebab manis.

That one time bila kelas yang patut start pukul 7AM postponed to 9.30AM. Terus pergi sarapan sebab lecturer suruh. AHHHH BESTNYA ROTI CANAI DI PAGI HARI!

Kuew Teow Tomyam + Karot Susu. Yes everybody, I like kuew teow so much.

Bibimbap at Myeongdong Tteokbokki. I always order bibimbap kalau pergi Korean restaurant. Sebab dipenuhi sayur-sayuran. The kimchi is nice. Tapi side dishes dia letak sikit sangat lorh.

I forgot its name. Rasa macam ayam goreng tepung celup sos kicap je.

MyKori! Dua-dua sedap. Tapi the mango one, Hanbing punya bingsu lagi sedap.

Especially this one! Very yummy!

Nasi Goreng Cendawan @ Johnny's Restaurant.

Chicken Grill + Iced Milk Coffee @ Atmosphere Restaurant, Kuantan. Maybe Chicken Grill paling sedap I've ever tried. Cuma iced coffee tu rasa macam nescafe + serbuk creamer + susu pekat manis je; unlike what I expected.

The only picture of my home-made dinner. Bihun tomyam featuring Cha Junho of Woollim Entertainment (now X1's Cha Junho).

Chicken chop + some leftover kuew teow goreng which I cooked + some spinach.

Had a rough week at that time, I felt the need to reward myself with expensive coffee sold at 7Eleven. Starbucks punya tu memang sedap, tapi King's Molten punya tu rasa dia memang unacceptable (in other word, tak sedap langsung dan tidak layak untuk dijual).

Bulgogi @ Myeongdong Tteokbokki after my surgical posting exam. Rasa macam ayam masak kicap. Even the iced green tea dah diluted. Kinda disappointed. Lain tukang masak and lain branch memang makanan rasa lain.

Iced Vanilla Latte @ Chatime. Last time sedap gilos, this time punya too sweet. Lain pekerja lain rasanya. Sobs. I can make better coffee tbh.

4Fingers! Ayam dia sangat sedap. Kentang pun sedap. I ate a lot at that time. HAHAHA.

Ice blended mocha @ Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Sedap lah jugak but this is not the best ice blended mocha I've ever tasted.

That's all! Till next update, bye!

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  1. perhhh entry yg betul2 mengundang ni. tetiba teringin nak makan kuey tiaw ladna

  2. AAAAAAaaa so many tasty food I'm hungry T_T
    Me wants some chicken too :(

  3. kalau sy pulak slalu order bihun hahaha dahlah tgh intermittent fasting ni ughhhh lagilahhhhh lapar slepas tgk gmbr ni T_T

  4. hehe we're so alike. i mean i had a bunch of photos (of only food) inside my gallery XD

  5. lol, i feel you part nak beli lagi bila rasa kaya tu.


  6. and suddenly i feel so hungry..ugh i need food rite now