An update of my story and artsy stuffs

Assalamualaikum and hai.

It has been a month and a half since my online classes started. Starting next week, I am finally going back to campus, so yeay?! I feel like my life will be more productive if I stay in campus. Well, to be honest, I like staying at home too, but the environment here is not really suitable, academically(?)

1. Online classes

Started off with psychiatry, and it was really fun. Maybe sebab dah 2 bulan lebih bercuti tanpa kelas, suddenly start kelas balik, semua semangat. I wake up early in the morning, have proper breakfast & coffee, and attend kelas dengan semangatnya hahaha sadly after 1 month of online classes I kinda miss attending classes like I would normally do. I'm currently taking 5 subjects: Ophthalmology, Radiology, Dermatology, ORL-HNS (Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery), and Anaesthesiology. Hopefully I can pass my exam soon. Amin~

2. Psychojiman gwaenchana
My favourite kdrama at the moment. Seo Yeji is so pretty ohmyyy I don't even care about Kim Soohyun anymore because Seo Yeji's beauty captivates me every single time HAHAHA. I mean, like, Aisya, neo yeoja, maja?!

I even drew Ko Munyeong fanart uWu.....................

3. Bought a new iPhone
My old iPhone 6 is now dead... forever. sobs.... R.I.P. So I decided to buy iPhone XR to replace my old phone. I basically spent the money I saved for travelling, so it is kinda sad. I hope ini merupakan pelaburan yang bijak. I want a phone with good battery life, so I bought iPhone XR (because iPhone 11 is expensive) lol. So far, iolls sangat berpuas hati dengan phone ini. I charge my phone every 2 days sebab battery life dia quite satisfying.

4.  Created art accounts
As some of you may know, I take portrait orders since 2017. Selalu kalau clients tanya ada instagram tak (because they want to see more of my artworks), I always answered I never had one. So now whenever I draw something, I always update there. My personal accounts are private (because I hate stalkers), bila dah ada art accounts ni mudahlah sikit nak join any art contests selain daripada boleh jadikan portfolio so that my future clients can see. (I actually don't upload all of my portrait orders sebab some clients tak kasi upload, so I respect their privacy). Go follow my art account: @Sakurawr_Illust (Instagram/Twitter).

5. My small art business is now on Shopee!
My friend suggested that I post my art service at Shopee as a new platform, so I did. I don't know if this is a good idea or not, but again, I did. So kalau sesiapa yang teringin nak lukisan potret untuk dihadiahkan kepada diri sendiri/kawan/parents/suami/isteri/tunang/soulmate/cikgu/lecturer, haaaa bolehlah order potret daripada iolls ye! Kalau takut kena scam boleh order through Shopee! Click HERE to view my shop! 

6. Art therapy - illustrations
Just wanna share what I drew for the past 1 month... I really like to draw because it's like a healing process to me. When life is stressful, just draw something.

I like the outfit that Oh My Girl's Hyojung wore in Non-stop MV, so I made an illustration of the hijab version.

Illustration of my friend that I made for her birthday.

This is from BlackPink's How You Like That poster, but hijabized. (p/s: Don't dress up like this ok?! Iolls lukis ni sesaje je tau)

Kinda obsessed with It's Okay To Not Be Okay lately. HAHAHA.

This is a sketch for my entry in an illustration contest. 


Okay, thanks for reading. Bye bye!

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  1. goodluck for kuliah soon :) and hm mind follow my twin art acc ? she'll follow back for sure

    1. done follow :-) she has got amazing artworks there ^^

  2. Seo Yeji is so beautiful! Pinggang dia ramping gila. Jeles.
    I'm looking for a shop to draw my Youtube logo so it's better for me to contact you through shopee or twitter?

    1. KANNN!! Pinggang macam kerengga I'm wondering is that even possible without corset?!! hahaha~ Twitter or Shopee both also can. Maybe for now I prefer Shopee la kot since orang boleh review & rate terus kat situ :D

  3. best of luck for your exam ! haven't watch the drama yet, maybe soon ! those arts are so cute !! maybe one day boleh la beli kakaisya punya art !

  4. welcome back to campus....kitorg dh blk campus awal julai....still online class...but kena blk juga sebab ada lab work....

    cantik semua lukisan...btul bila ada ac berasingan lebih mudah....yeeyy...shopee...ok juga...mna tahu ada yg lebih selesa melalui shopee....

  5. you're so talented! and that hijabis version of how you like that is just so creative.