I've come to the conclusion that I can't give up being a fangirl

Hi? Long time no see!

I realized that blogger no longer allows user to use old blogger dashboard, so I had quite a /coughs/ difficult time to adapt to this new dashboard interface. I've been using blogger since 2009 you know?! I'm too used with the old blogger style. Now so many things have changed.

One thing that could possibly never change is myself. HAHA. As you guys may already know, I'm a K-POP and K-Drama fan (more like, total-Korea-culture-die-hard-fan). I started watching K-drama when I was 9 (Full House was so popular at that time), and I started to become a die-hard K-POP fan since I was 13.

Actually, many people around me are unhappy with this (especially around 2009-2014). HAHA. Yelah, macam orang hilang akal je dok layan Korea je memanjang. I don't even watch TV anymore. I barely know anything about Malaysian dramas/movies.

After I finished high school, I thought it's the time for me to fully focus on myself. I even deleted my k-pop stan twitter account for this reason. 




That's what I told myself.

But now, I've come to the conclusion that I can't give up being a fangirl. HAHA. Sometimes stress from academic works piles up and I just can't help myself from fangirl-ing all over again. It brings happiness!!!!! Sometimes I think I'm already too old to be a fangirl but who cares????! HAHA.

Watched MAMA (while studying?)

1. I bought BTS BE Album. Yeay!

Right after I watched Life Goes On MV, I straight away went to Shopee to order this album! Memang tak fikir panjang dah. I remember during I NEED U era, I really wanted to buy their album, puas tengok unboxing video on Youtube, but at that time I was too broke. HAHA. Kali ni memang puas hati la dapat pegang, dengar, rasa, dan bau sendiri album ni. YEZZAAAAAAA.

It's so prettayhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Siap gigih buat unboxing video sebab excited sangat padahal tak pandai rakam pun. Because I wanted to keep this memory in a form of video if that makes sense.

Made this fan-art just to de-stress myself.

Yes, I'm actually an ARMY but I rarely show my ARMY side to anyone. I've always liked BTS, in fact sejak debut lagi. But sadly the fandom has grown very big, a lot of immature new fans joined the fandom. Ramai betul ARMY yang annoying di media sosial, sampai iolls yang ARMY tua ni pun rasa nak sekolahkan je mereka. Tapi sebab kita dah tua kan, so rilek-rilek je la fangirl. At least bila dah tua sikit ni, ada la jugak duit boleh kumpul beli album. 

2. Currently addicted to 2D1N Season 4

I am actually a big fan of this show since Season 3. Lepas Kang Gary keluar from Running Man, honestly, I rarely watch RM anymore. I deviated to 2D1N even though I was a big fan of RM during my high school years. 

Kalau tak silap gambar poster ni diambil pada waktu pagi, diorang baru bangun tidur LOL

As a big fan, tipulah tak sedih dan marah after that 1 member membuat onar lalu Season 3 terhenti begitu sahaja. Season 3 stopped airing just like that, without even a proper goodbye from the other members. I MISS CHA TAEHYUN'S LAUGHTERS!!!!! Dengar dia gelak je dah puas hati. And I miss the cute and clumsy Donggu (my fav member), and Mr. sly Junho too.

At first I was a bit sceptical when they announced a new season. Dah lah tinggal Jongmin je member original, yang lain semua tukar member baru. And Jongmin was never at the top of my fav members list, to be honest.

Tapi, tapi, tapi! Lepas TERTENGOK 1 episode of Season 4, I was automatically hooked! Their chemistry is no joke, man~ Among the new members, I only know Ravi because he's from VIXX, takkanla iolls tak kenal! HAHA. But for the other members, walaupun tak kenal sangat, I automatically like them all lepas dah tengok! ESPECIALLY SEONHO! He's so cute and clumsy, macam Donggu jugak (that's why kot he officially become my fav member in this season).

After Seonho, Junghoon comes second in my fav member list! I can't help but teringat Gutaeng Hyung in Season 3 (still in disbelief that he already passed away). Junghoon macam ada gaya ahjussi comel gittew, and he doesn't even try hard to be funny! He's just naturally being himself but iolls terhibur LOL. 

This ep still got me laughing. Cian Jongmin tau kena single-shaming! Mentang-mentang la anda suami Han Ga In, berlagak sungguh ye LOL!!!

Dah season 4 baru start minat Jongmin jugak. He's funny all the time! I still can't believe he's actually a singer! Dah macam comedian dah. The real comedian in this season is Moon Seyoon. I didn't really know him at first, but now I think he speaks very well - almost like the official commentator of the show.

Dindin also issa whole mood! He's so small and cute without even trying. Sometimes can be annoying too but I like it!

Next, Ravi the maknae! Dulu masa zaman VIXX tak pernah sekalipun I rasa Ravi ni handsome, tapi dalam 2D1N ni boleh tahan jugak! HAHA. Maybe he got overshadowed with the other VIXX members yang handsome tahap gaban dolu-dolu + the stylist punya wardrobe waktu tu sangat tak membantu. Now, I think his fashion is quite eye-catching. Dia nampak je swag gittew tapi tersangatlah clingy dengan his 2D1N hyungs.

Last but not least, Smiley PD! I was so surprised the head PD in this season is a female. OHYEAH GIRL POWER! She's such a beauty, sampai iolls pun jadi fan Smiley PD-nim! Bukan senang hokay nak jadi PD for this show. Stamina kena kuat.

Season 4 ni lain maciam sikit. I honestly like all members, takde yang terkecuali. I even follow ig of all members! Kalau Smiley PD ada official ig pun iolls akan follow gamaknya.

3. Start-Up K-drama

Maybe you can guess, that I watch Start-Up ONLY AND ONLY because of Kim Seonho. Tbh I was never a fan of Suzy's/NJH's acting, so memang tengok sebab nak support Seonho je hokay! Walaupun awal-awal tu sedih la jugak bila diorang announce Seonho as second lead. In term of acting skills, Seonho is obviously far ahead of those 2 main leads. Tapi bila dah half-way this drama, barulah nampak hikmahnya di situ. HAHA. Seonho has become so popular globally nowadays. Kita sebagai fan ni pulak yang tumpang happy hihi gediknya nyahhhhhh.

Tak nak ceritalah pasal 2nd lead syndrome, sebab kita kena move on kan LOL #LifeGoesOn

I ordered this Korean brand oil pastel last time - Mungyo oil pastel. Maka terbanglah RM170; having a hobby is so expensive! And then sebagai majlis perasmian, I pun buatlah fan-art Han Jipyeong guna oil pastel ni. Ni first time lukis potret guna crayon, so I wasn't satisfied with its end product. I need to practise more actually~ But this oil pastel is definitely worth my money. The quality is so good! Berbeza sangat guna barang mahal dengan barang murah.

And...... I just wanna say that I finally appreciate Suzy's acting! She nailed her character as Seo Dalmi! Before this, I've always preferred the singer Suzy than the actress Suzy. I've watched almost all of her dramas since Dream High, but this one yang paling bagus sekali penjiwaan watak dia. You go girl!

So macam biasalah, bila tengah minat something mesti rasa nak buat fan-art. So here's my Mungyo oil pastel fan-art of Bae Suzy! Suzy dah ada fan baru iaitu iolls~

Alang-alang dah membazir memory phone untuk merakam drawing process video, I decided to upload them in my YT channel. I noticed that this trend of becoming Youtubers is on the rise nowadays. Blogger, on the other hand, dah tak ramai orang guna kan? So sad~ So I may sometimes use Youtube too kalau malas menaip karangan. Pls like and subscribe~ If you have YT channel too, pls let me know~ I may subscribe yours too~

TAHNIAH! Anda telah membaca sehingga habis! Anda memenangi sebuah iPhone 12 Pro Max! (tapi dalam mimpi je la)

Till then, bye!

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  1. eh i pun kpop (ikonic ) tapi dulu more pada belieber jaman muda muda . I ok je with bts ngn blackpink they have lot of good songs indeed tapi tula some immature fans ruined that image .

    Sameee rindu cha tae hyun happy tgok dia ada kat rm even as guest . Kadang harap gary dtg kejap kat rm dengan hao hehe

    1. Ikr ramai sangat immature fans, I think most of them are still kids so macam malas nak layan. Tak salah pun respect and layan grup lain jugak even kita ada bias group.

      Yes! I stil occasionally watch RM depends on siapa guest yang datang. Cha Taehyun lighted up the mood on that episode! It was nice to see him again.

  2. hahahhahaaha I can totally relate with the part "I barely know anything about Malaysian dramas/movies." I AM TOO!!!!

    I am so into other dramas that I know nothing about Malaysian ones. Sorry Malaysian producers and all.

  3. BV banyak jugak kenal kpop idols and some group really catch my eyes, tapi i never consider myself as a fangirl of kpop sebab i don't really collecting the albums and such things, thus i really respect fangirls/fandom yg devoted to theirs fav idols. hahahhaa

    sama la! BV pun start obsess dengan 2D1N masa season 3 T^T
    wahhh your arts so good! done subscribe :3

    1. maybe because you're more to otaku? HAHA

      Now dah berumur ni tak devote sangat macam dulu, now more to layan kdramas and 2d1n XD

      YASSSS 2D1N S3 BEST! I like 2D1N concept so much, so I continue je support Season 4, I mean they're all adorable too <3

  4. im thirty and i still cannot stop being a fangirl. dah berapa tahun da ni ? but i notice that sikit2 im slowly more concern and not being too addicted anymore. as time goes by sendiri akan berubah. for me.. its not wrong but we have to know la when and where to stop. jangan sampai tak jadi kerja langsung kan ? itu penting. 2D1N lama mmg best.. former casts semua best tp new ones are good too.. ada Seonho ihik..

    1. Yup yang penting kerja jalan. I'm actually quite a disciplined person, so I know when to stop XD

      Ahha yes betul tu 2d1n season 4 ada seonho <3<3

  5. oooooo one more thing !!!!! ur drawings are sooo damn cool !!

  6. I've been a KPOP fan since 2007 and I'm turning 30 next year and I don't I will ever stop being a fangirl walaupun tak obses tapi akan sokong dari belakang. I'm not a concert goer and not an album buyer too but I love buying merch that I know I will use and just like you, Tapi kalau ada rezeki lebih suka juga beli album depends on the freebies inside. Kalau berbaloi, beli kalau tak, simpan hajat je.

    Haritu my friend yang duduk dekat Korea sent me an NCT album as my birthday gift and punyalah happy sampai buat unboxing video.

    I'm a fan of 2D1N from season 1 daripada Sugeun and Hodong ada sampai dah berapa kali tukar. Tapi for season 3, bukan sorang yang buat onar, tapi 3. JoonYoung, Taehyun and Junho. All my 3 fave members. yang lagi 2 tu sebab illegal gambling problem. Sebab tu cancel terus. Thankfully they keep Jongmin in this new season.

    P/s: sorry for the long comment by the way. Have a great day and happy new year.

    1. From my understanding, in Cha Taehyun's and Junho's case, it was just a harmless bet among friends, and many knetz found it weird that media highlighted their case so much padahal it wasn't really a big deal. Ada yang kata they tried to hide political issue masa tu, but entahlah. Maybe bcs I like them both too, so I wanted to believe that they're innocent.

      I like your long comments btw, tak payah sorry :P Happy new year too! <3

  7. cantiknyaaa drawings.. looks real aisya!

    drama melayu tulah kadang2 byk cinta dan melalut. ermm

    btw happy new year!

  8. your drawing are soooo beautiful and real!! keep it up Aisya.

  9. Lamanya tak datang sini. Loved reading your updates! So in tune with my inner fangirl. Hehehe :D

    By the way, love your youtube videos as well. Tak tengok semua lagi, but I loved what I have seen so far :D

  10. nice portrait drawing tuuuh., berbakat uu